Tuesday, 18 November 2014

#Throwback to Phuket Trip in June 2014

Super backdated but i really love all these pictures taken at Phuket, our very first trip there! Hope you will enjoy them as much as i do! Man,.. another holiday is much needed right now :( , which probably got me to dig out the images from the last short getaway.. maybe its time to start planning where to go next for 2015 since exams is over by end of the week, yipeee!!

Our 4 days stay at Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa! 
Highly recommended for its clean, modern space and friendly services!

Phuket's largest shopping paradise - Jungceylon,
Jeffer's to settle our lunch!!

Experienced white water rafting,

Outdoor adventures,

Elephant ride and feeding,

The waves were so strong, causing the ride to be super rough and bumpy,
almost felt like we are about to be thrown out into the sea..

chilling on a small island,
 sweet, chilled watermelon was served,

Phi Phi island! Pretty place indeed!

Daily breakfast at hotel, got us all full and satisfied every morning!

Taken after a stroll around the hotel and exploring their recreation facilities,

This is the hotel room balcony, loving it very much even though we didn't manage to get the seaview!

Nevermind about not getting any seaview from our room, the beach is just 5mins walk away from the hotel location! =D

Went back to Junceylon as there are still plenty of time before taking the return flight.

Settled our last lunch in Phuket at Joe Louis Thai Restaurant, food there is of great quality!

and had Mango Sticky Rice before we left the place. Very beautifully made,

Its almost mid-night when we returned, yet still playing around at the airport. Loveee them all!~