Monday, 27 July 2015

Shi's Wedding Dinner

Attended the celebration of Kenneth's and Shi Hui's wedding ceremony about a week ago. My first secondary school classmate (among the chinese) who got her knot tied and her home-sweet-home ready! Time really flies~ How i wish i am still a growing child.. Anyway, the ceremony was all good.. lovely wedding photos and theme, wonderful live music too!

Food prepared at Peony Jade by Passion Banquet!..

Combination of Deluxe Platter

House Signature Sauteed Fresh Prawns with Salted Creamy Yolk

Braised Golden Pumpkin Broth with Seafood and Bird's Nest

Steamed Fish with Premium Light Soy

Braised Sliced Australian Abalone with Spinach

House Signature Roasted Crispy Chicken with Fragrant Salt

Braised 'Ee-fu' noodles and mushroom with Premier Abalone

Chilled Fresh Mango Puree with Pomelo Sacs and Sago Pearls

Thanks Sweetiex for most of the photos!

The girls i grew up with!! Memories~

Mr.Yao, best Chinese teacher of all!

and Mrs. Mah! Best english teacher of course!

Finally a photo with the pretty-in-pink princess!
Here wishing her a blissful marriage! =)

Group photos with the rest of class 5A.. =))