Monday, 13 July 2015


Just the other day, I went for an interview with a company and I met a group of interns there at the same waiting area as me. They were all dressed smartly with smiles on their faces, all prepped up for this day. Even so, I can tell how nervous they actually are. I could understand how nervous they feel because an internship is more than just a grade reflected on the Academic Transcript.

An internship is an opportunity offered by the employer to a student in a given period of time with an emphasis on job training rather than just employment, a supervised learning experience that relate closely to one’s field of study.

Recalling back, I enjoyed a lot during the time when I was an intern with Yamaha Singapore, helping them with their internal website programming. Yes, I was an Information Technology student. Not everything but most of the things taught in the classroom finally make some sense to me after going through an internship. Based on my personal experience, I received well-structured Singapore internship program arranged by the school, Republic Polytechnic. They gave us a list of companies to choose from, provide us with guidelines, brief us on various process details, and ensuring that students are well prepared for internships in Singapore. With the guidance from the school’s facilitators back then, I created my first resume; I sent out my first formal email to the company of my choice for job application, and I had my first formal job interview. The overall internship experience went well. It was fun and insightful, and I am really glad to have such opportunity given to me.

An Internship allows student to decide if the industry is right for him or her
It is very common to find people feeling a sense of lost after completing their college, unsure of which career path best fit them and if their field of study is really what they want to work on. Therefore, having to go through an internship will give student the opportunity to understand the industry better and also to decide on the right career path.

Gain experience through an Internship
Students able to gain industry experience and can develop industry-focused skills which most employers are interested in (rather than just pure qualification), which can increase hiring decision for future career. Students can build up personal development, personal network and resume, an advantage for their future career goals.

Not only does participation in an internship make the student a more attractive candidate," says NACE Executive Director Marilyn Macke, "but it can also be an avenue to a job."

A learning opportunity in a real-world work environment and get paid
I guess one of the worries many tertiary students faced would probably be not having enough pocket allowances. So what is better than receiving an opportunity to learn your course-related skills in a real-world work environment and get paid? That extra $600 - $800 allowance for a few months can be saved up and go on a nice vacation after graduation!

Do not be afraid of making a step forward
It will definitely be a good practice for fresh undergraduates to seek internship Singapore and pursue job opportunities. Everyone will experience their first time and most internships help to guide students to reputable companies so that students can be well-trained. So do not be afraid to do approach your school tutors for help when you are unsure, do not afraid to face forthcoming challenges and have a positive mind when entering the chosen company to work in.

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