Sunday, 12 July 2015

[Media Invite] Triumph's #StandUpForFit Pop Up Store & New Animation 'Find the One' campaign

Are you one of the many ladies who does not have properly fitted bra? Having a perfect bra means no more pinching, no more straps or underwire that dig in - only weightless support, total comfort and a beautifully shaped silhouette. Fret not, for Triumph had designed a way to help women find their perfect fit! Now we can all feel good and have more confidence with our most intimate wear! #‎StandUpForFit‬ ‪#‎FindTheOne‬

Thank you Triumph for this 7 steps simple guide to find the perfect bra for every girl! Remember where the Sloggi pop-up store was last month? This July, head on down to Triumph pop-up store outside Robinsons The Heeren for a complimentary personalized fitting by their professional fit experts and stand a chance to WIN $1000 Triumph vouchers as you participate in their lucky draw!

(1) Underband needs to be comfortable yet firm (No digging in or red marks).
(2) Back of the bra should be in line with the front (Fasten on the loosest hook when your bra is new).
(3) Cups should not come too high under the arms.
(4) Breasts should fit neatly into the bra's cups (No overspill or wrinkling).
(5) Wire should lie flat against your body (No poking).
(6) Bra centre front panel should sit flat against your body.
(7) Breasts should be supported in their natural position, usually half-way between shoulder and elbow.

Im in love with their Maximizer Magic Wire collection for an extremely comfortable feel!

Store promotion is still going on.. Buy 3 get 1 free, Buy 5 get 2 free + $50 vouchers + free Shaper, Buy 6 get 3 free + $60 vouchers + free Shaper!! Super great deal!

Gown-like exquisite designs under Essence by Triumph. Check out their latest colllection here;

Sweet seamless panties..

Join in with me and be Triumph's members NOW which entitles you a free goodie bag worth $250!!!

Also exclusive at Triumph's pop-up store;

Trade in your old bra and enjoy a Body Make-Up Jacquard bra at $20 each (usual price $89.90) and a Matching Panty at $10 each (usual price $29.90)!

They put up a great dance performance, bringing Triumph's newly created animation video 'Find the One' about the magical experience of finding the perfectly fitting bra come to life!

They look so much like Barbie dolls to me! Beautiful models!

Pretty and confidence in their most perfect fit intimate wear! Yes, poorly fitted bra can affect your daily life too!

Thank you Triumph Singapore for having us, went down with Joanne that night.. read her blog here; =)

Triumph pop-up store is ending very soon.. so do head down this weekend if possible alright?!
Enjoy and have fun with the fitting!! =)

Triumph Find The One -TV Ad Full animation:
Triumph Facebook Page:
Triumph Website:

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