Saturday, 5 September 2015

Joined Jerome on a Morning Heritage Walk!

On one of the early weekend, i followed Jerome and the rest for a fulfilling heritage walk to Mount Sophia and Mount Emily. The team from NHK World TV were also in the group that morning to film the walk! (Click to watch the video -

We gathered at Dhoby Ghaut that morning and got to know from Jerome that this place was named after the early settlement where 'Dhoby' in Hindi is the term for laundry and 'Ghaut' in Anglo-Indian refers to a wash area along a river.

A mandatory group photo before we set off~

Our journey started off with embarking on a 100 steps climb up to Mount Sophia..

We then arrived at House on the Hill Montessori Pre-School, a beautiful conservation building..

The stairs are still in really good condition! The ventilation here was good too!

Lovely hill view from the school's balcony!

With Kelly and Janice in the picture! :)

We continued our walk.. Found lots of fallen rubber seeds and seed pods along Mount Emily.. And to our surprise, these rubber seeds and seed pods were toys during the old times. They said they will rub it on the cement floor until it becomes hot and then press it against a victim’s arm without warning..

We noticed a very narrow road up here too..

We passed by Sikh temple before reaching this particular House which align with middle road (called the little Japan in the old days). One of the few building around the area that still remains till today..

We were told there used to be a few large mansions around in the past.. and one of the largest mansions around was the Eu Villa (Five-storey high) owned by one of the richest men in Asia.. Sadly, those mansions got demolished..

All-in-all a nice walk through guided by Jerome.. Do check out his page by clicking on his name ya! =) Such enjoyment to hear their stories, the changes over the years and knowing about what used to be before..