Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Flying Dutchman (FD) shared his experience with Kris by MENCE

Veteran radio DJ, The Flying Dutchman (FD) is the first celebrity spokesperson in Singapore for Kris by MENCE located at Robinson Point, an anti-aging and weight management centre extended from the original MENCE in Hong Kong.

About MENCE Hong Kong
For the past 35 years, MENCE Hong Kong has helped more than 300,000 customers achieve their ideal body shapes and enhance their health. The organisation counts amongst its clientele Hong Kong celebrities such as Hawick Lau, Liu Dan and Wu Feng.

Through upholding professional excellence, MENCE has achieved the ISO 9001:2000 certification. MENCE is not only trusted by individual customers but also medical institutions. It was invited to open centres in two major private hospitals in 2009 and 2011. In 2013, it was invited to open another centre in a Guangzhou hospital. This is a testament that MENCE's skincare and slimming technologies are benchmarked against hospitals' standards.

MENCE has also achieved several accolades over the years, including: being voted the leading men's skincare and body slimming centre in Asia by TIME magazine; Quality Brand by NEXT Magazine; and being named the "50 Most Valuable Enterprises in Hong Kong" by Hong Kong Business. Since 2005, MENCE has also been appointed the official skincare and slimming organisation for Television Broadcasts Limited's Mr Hong Kong.

At Kris By MENCE
Revolutionising the beauty industry, Kris By MENCE provides anti-aging and weight management treatments in Singapore through the extensive use of professionally designed and well equipped technologies. All treatments are drug-free, non-invasive and non-surgical.

I was given a chance to tour around during my visit to Kris By MENCE before having to meet FD in person where he shared his weight loss experience. They introduced us to their standard room and then to their suites that are set aside especially for couples. Each spacious room comes well equipped with free Wifi, cable TV, private bathroom, locker and all necessary grooming amenities. Almost like resting in a hotel room!

FD mentioned that he enjoys resting in this cocoon-like case which has heating current when powered so customer is able to sweat it all out as a detoxification.

This is how their suites looks like with 2 beds catering to couple. One may go for slimming while the other doing facial treatment. And yes, their treatments are cater to both women and men if you're wondering.

Over a cozy sharing session with a group of blogger friends, FD unveils his secret of losing 8kg and reducing 2 levels of visceral fat (20%) effortlessly and effectively despite his health problems and a busy schedule from work (as co-host of One FM's #1 Breakfast Show on 91.3FM and other business ventures). His lovely wife, Michelle, sat beside him giving him support.

In just six months, the 59 years old FD has witnessed amazing weight-loss results and now sports a radiant, youthful look. During this time, he was even away for two long trips that spanned two weeks each. His results include:
- Losing a total of 8kg; 5.3kg of fats
- Reducing visceral fat by 20%
- Dropping two pant sizes
- Surpassed his ideal weight of 79kg, a goal he had always wanted to achieve since 2013, regaining the figure he had when he was in his 40s!

A heart condition and weak back has kept FD from performing intensive exercises. As such, he could not lose weight the traditional way for better health. The weight loss system came to him as a good option which has helped him regain his health and better energy levels.

He said, "Due to my heart condition and taxing schedule, i couldn't exercise as much as i wanted to but i needed to lose weight - especially visceral fat. I'm extremely happy that Kris By MENCE treatments have helped me to lose 8kg, 5.3 of fat. There has also been a 20% reduction in visceral fat. My weight now is below my ideal goal of 79kg and that's what i'd wanted to achieve since 2013. The treatments are very relaxing. I always schedule them after my morning show so i can take a nap while 'exercising'. After that, i emerge feeling refreshed and more energetic."

He then put on his old shirt, showing an obvious gap of the differences before and now. Currently weighing at 77.4kg, he feels more energetic when he wakes up to work everyday. He also mentioned that he noticed some significant changes to his daily life that he had not been able to do for the past 15 years such as sitting up with his legs straight out in front and lean forward to get up instead of having to turn his body to the side then uses his hands to support the body to get up; able to bend down to his knee to tie his shoelaces; and seeing his own's feet while standing straight.

The different devices used at Kris by MENCE for different programs. FD said he was comfortable with all the devices used on him thus far except the one used on the very first session where he felt the machine worked really hard, punching on his fats. He also added that he received excellent service from his therapist, Winnie.

Detailed weight measuring machine.

He looked back at his results, comparing before and after, and is very pleased with the customised weight management programme received from Kris By MENCE as he has now regained the figure he used to have in his 40s. He also finds that his energy level is up, no longer feels as tired on non-working days and will initiate to go out with his wife instead of being a couch potato.

Such tremendous results are possible with the Novel Weight Loss System by MENCE Hong Kong. MENCE believes in utilising a unique, intensive "passive exercise" concept to reduce body fat and increase muscle density in a relaxed and comfortable way. The highest record seen from one customer thus far was a huge 1.8kg in 2 hours from the very first session! The results are amazing!

Before the treatment, FD went through a detailed body analysis that determined his overall body composition. The treatment breaks down fat cells and flushed the body with the use of innovative and proven technologies from Hong Kong. FD's metabolism rate and lymphatic system have also boosted, allowing him to maintain the weight-loss results.

Besides the Novel Weight Loss System, FD has also undergone two other treatments: Double Chin Removal; and Structural Remodeling System. The double chin removal treatment is a non-invasive and non-surgical one, and it removes excessive water and fats around the chin with the aid of sophisticated devices. The Structural Remodeling System combines scientifically proven and non-invasive age-reversal technologies for younger and smoother looking skin. During the 30-minutes treatment, cutting-edge technologies are used to tighten and rejuvenate the skin in the treated area, improve muscle tone and ensure absorption of collagen regeneration gel. As a result, FD is able to relax his dynamic lines and smooth facial woes such as worry lines and lip wrinkles. His skin muscle is toned, his cheeks lifted, and his jawline as well as neck tightened.

Address: 39 Robinson Road #07-03 Robinson Point Singapore 068911
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday (11am - 8pm); Saturday (10am - 7pm); Close on Sunday and PH