Friday, 20 March 2015

[Food Tasting] 西门町 Ximending (Taiwanese Cuisine) Brings Delicious Dishes

西门町 Ximending - home to "classic Taiwanese comfort food with a modern flair. Their dishes reflect the rustic and simple character of popular Taiwanese cuisine; offering a myriad of tastes, yet using traditional ingredients and methods to present dishes with home prepared flavours.."

The restaurant recently got their menu revamped with new dishes included and I had an enjoyable time at the food-tasting session two nights ago, big thanks to beautiful Jessie and the lovely team from creativEATeries for including me in. Knew everyone else in the same table too :) Always feeling thankful for opportunities given!

Do follow Creative Eateries Facebook Page and Instagram as they will be posting promos on that page, so we all get to have the first bites of any in-house promotion!!

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I ordered Watermelon Juice that evening.. not bad but i think Chinese Tea is good too!

1. Mixed Salad 什锦沙拉 (with Chicken, Seafood and Pork) S$12.90:
First dish up, mixed seafood salad with homemade goma sauce (Can also opt for another choice of sauce - Xi Men Ding Homemade Sauce). In love with their homemade goma sauce, extremely appetising as a starter! Their goma sauce is specially made by mixing blended tofu with sesame instead of just sesame. Reasonable price with generous amount of Chicken, Pork and Seafood in a large serving bowl.

2. Brazilian Mushroom in Chicken Broth 巴西蘑菇汤 S$7.90:
Chefs will prepare this soup a day before which results in such a savoury broth. It does look simple with only mushrooms and chicken in it but i must say it taste really really good! We can smell the fragrant from some steps away when it was being served to us.

3. Steamed Cod Fish with Radish 菜脯蒸鳕鱼 S$18.90:
Many of us love this dish with lots of crispy radish (Choy Poh) on top of the perfectly cut flavourful cod fish. Steaming hot when its served and cod fish are well-cooked!

4. 'San Bei' King Oyster Mushroom with Basil 三杯杏鲍菇 S$16.90:
'San Bei' in this dish refers to the inclusion of Chinese rice wine 米酒, Soy Sauce 酱油, and sesame oil 麻油 that are mixed together to create a rich flavour.

and it goes well with Taiwanese Sweet Potato Porridge 番薯粥 S$1.50 - Taiwanese all-time favourite!

5. "Xue Cai" Tofu 雪菜豆腐 S$14.90:
So happy they also serve my favourite - Tofu! Preserved veg with Tofu being served in this sizzling hot stone bowl is incredibly fragrant. This dish also goes well with rice/ porridge for some may feel that it will be a little too rich.

6. Radish & Egg Pancake 菜脯蛋 S$12.80:
Pancake look alike.. i find this dish delicious yet is not too overwhelming with too much radish or too eggy and hence can be eaten just by itself. Nicely cut into slices of 8.

7. Sweet Taro Paste 紫金芋泥 S$5.90:
I'm not a fan of any chinese desserts but this bowl of sweet taro paste with coconut milk and gingko nuts really caught me. Beautifully presented. I love the sweetness, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth-texture! So addictive i actually finished the whole portion in minutes! *Thumbs-Up!*

8. Fruity Mochi 水果麻糬 S$6.50:
Lastly, we had the Fruity Mochi (Glutinous Rice Balls) that comes in four different flavours - [from top to bottom] Peanut, Peach, Sesame, Lemon in Red Bean skin. Of all, Sesame is still my personal favourite and Lemon is quite an interesting one.

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A group photo with lovely blogger friends before we head home.. great food, great company! 

And ending this post with our wefies,
really really have to thank Tselyn for these pretty pics!
All taken using her new Oppo mobile phone & cam app!
Alright now, goodnight!