Saturday, 27 June 2015

Penang, I'm coming to You!

Even though Penang wasn't on my wishlist but i am still pretty excited about flying over.. I am always on for new exploration and am HAPPY because finally im getting myself a trip!.. My personal things aren't going well since the start of this year.. Pray hard this trip will be an enjoyable one for my travelling buddy and i without any hiccup!

Today met up with Tselyn, my travelling buddy for lunch and also to discuss about our Penang Trip.. Had MK at 313@Somerset.. ordered their lunch set menu! Went Triumph for fitting at Orchard Getway after lunch.. Then, continued to shop around in town before we went up to the beautiful ION Sky! :)

Level 55 and 56,

Loving this relaxing space with 360 degree view,

Happy sipping our cup of Boost smoothie! Thanks Tselyn for these pictures!!

So.. tomorrow is our flight and im just done with my last packing! It's late now.. Before i turn in to bed, here are pictures of the place we will be staying in, with daily breakfast included.. Will share more when we are back~ :)

The pink pods (female dormitory) we gonna be staying in,..

The Cafe,..

May we have a wonderful, safe trip..
I'll be back soon.. :)