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[Media Invite] IPPIN CAFE BAR 極品 - Japanese Makan & Drinks Place #BetterThanMom

Had a warm, hearty meal on a rainy day the other night at IPPIN CAFE BAR. Located along the swanky Mohamed Sultan Road, IPPIN CAFE BAR is Singapore's first home concept Japanese cafe bar since last October 2014, run by a beautiful, humble lady, Ms Ayumi Fujushiro from Japan.

This is a spot for those with a serious affection for real Japanese food that taste like you're truly home. "It's better than mom's home cooked food." says Ms Ayumi Fujushiro, Chief Cheerleader of IPPIN CAFE BAR.

It is surprisingly amazing how this place isn't just a place for diners. They also sell premium Japanese snacks, condiments, cooking ingredients, teas, sake, beer, and even paper fiber clothing neatly displayed on wooden shelves. Also in store is a sake bar, a wall displaying art pieces done by young children, and a kitchen that is used for Japanese meals home-cooking class conduct by Chef Naomi ($85 with 20% off retail).

Legendary tea leaves - Marumo Mori Genmaicha THE ONE (100g, $7).

Authentic wasabi - Kameya Food Wasabi Mayo (140g, $6).

Rare essence of shochu - Tsutsumi Brewery Purple Sweet Potato Shochu (720ml, $48).

Painstakingly crafted natural clothing (takes 10 years to create), Japanese Curetex Washi fiber absorb odour, anti-bacterial, provide coolness, block UV, and is highly durable. Socks (from $30), Shawl (from $46), Tee ($82), Bath Mitten ($19).

Enjoy interesting yet addictive Suwa Shoten Rattsu Nuts that comes in 3 flavours - serious coffee, creamy strawberry, and grassy matcha ($8/cup)!

One of the items available exclusively only at IPPIN CAFE BAR is the Kanaya Brewery Amazake Rice Juice (500ml, $18) - a non-alcoholic, nutrient-rich sake relies on Hokuriku rice to impart a natural sweetness. A light, summer drink that appeals to children and adult alike. Many Japanese ladies drink Amazake for beautiful skin, truly a skin infusion to enjoy.

Menu highlights;

Rice Ramen Noodle Set ($15 Nett) - Ramen made with rice served with Kobachi (small dish) and dessert.

Cold Udon Noodle Set ($12 Nett) - Using Kinuakari flour which gives a thinner and smoother texture than other udon, this is served with pork stew, salad and dessert.

Miso Udon Noodle with Oyster Set ($15 Nett) - The soul food of Aichi Prefecture. Using red miso from natural production method by placing koji (soybeans) in a wooden barrel for two summers and two winters. Comes with kobachi (small dish) and houjicha pudding.

Most sets will include Salad and Nikujaga. Nikujaga - one of the most popular Japanese comfort food, of meat (pork), potatoes and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce! So delicious it can be a dish on its own!

Yakisoba Set ($12 Nett) - One of Japanese daily food. The secret of oishii is savoury sauce. "A taste of Dad's cooking, but sure better than Dad's!" Comes with Kobachi (small dish) and hojicha pudding. Yakisoba comes from Chiba Prefecture. A pretty generous portion, full-flavoured, fried in savoury sauce. We love this dish a lot that we finished everything on the plate!

Oyakudon Set ($15 Nett) - Chicken and egg on rice! The secret of oishii is dashi (stock), boiled chicken with dashi (stock). Comes with miso soup and houjicha pudding. It was nice with really tender meat however the one we had that night turned out being too watery.

Grilled Oyster & Veggies in Ponzu Butter Sauce Set ($20 Nett) - Oysters are from Hiroshima Prefecture the most famous area of oyster in Japan with more than 150 years history of cultivation! These oysters are raised in clean ocean so be ready for a clean taste. Grilled in special ponzu (yuzu vinegar) butter sauce, which is refreshing. Another savoury dish in the menu. Comes with rice (with barley), Hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga, salad and houjicha pudding.

Deep Fried Oyster Set ($24 Nett) - Lightly battered Oysters so very crispy on the outside. Comes with rice (with barley), Hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga, salad and houjicha pudding. To be honest, I personally don't eat Oyster, but this was an exception. The first bite caught me and i really love it since then. One of my favourite dish there i must say. Well-cooked, crispy on the outside and deliciously juicy inside. Its even better dipping with the wasabi-mayo that comes along with it. Interesting mix yet addictive!

[tasting portion]
[tasting portion]

Most sets come with Houjicha pudding, a roasted green tea dessert. Light and smooth like silken tofu, a delightful dessert to end a meal.

[tasting portion]

Craft Beer (330ml, $9);

Kanazawa Hyajumangoku Beer Koshihikari Ale (Rice Ale) - one of the most famous and delicious type of Japanese rice, grown in the hometown, has a light and smooth texture,

Kanazawa Hyajumangoku Beer Pale Ale - uses six-row barley seeds grown by themselves, has a well-balanced bitterness from hop and smooth texture,

Kanazawa Hyajumangoku Beer Dark Ale - has a rich taste (but lighter than Guinness),

and Granagri - kind of Weizen-bier, has a fruity aroma and creamy texture.

Green Tea from Shizuoka, Japan's best tea garden ($6 Nett);

Sencha - The most popular green tea which has the perfect balance of refreshing aroma, delicate sweetness and mild bitterness.

Genmaicha -  This green tea is steamed longer than Sen-cha causing the tea leaves to split, giving it a stronger yet more mellow taste as well as being highly nutritious.

Hojicha - Roasted green tea (brown in colour), is high in catechin and low in caffeine and tannin, hence suitable even for children. My favourite choice among the three for its distinctive flavour.


Kirai Junmai - Made from rice wine and contains 14% alcohol ($15 Nett),

Tokugawa Ieyasu Daiginjo - made from rice wine of bigger rice grains with 17% alcohol ($15 Nett).

We also get to taste these refreshing fruity cold Sake, Yuzu and Strawberry Sake from the Ehime and Aichi prefectures respectively (alcohol content: 7%). Both is good and can be drank straight or mixed with soda as a bubbly fun drink!

(image from @IPPIN CAFE BAR Facebook Page)

Enjoying savoury dishes in a cosy space. Definitely worth visiting!!
Thank you IPPIN Cafe Bar for the wonderful night!

Do look forward to other new items in their menu too, namely; Beef Steak Set ($25), Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet) Set ($20), Karaage (Fried Chicken) Set ($20), Tuna and Egg Sandwich Set ($15), Shabu-shabu Salad ($5), Cold Tofu ($5), Edamame ($5), and Boiled Egg ($5).

Address: 18 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 238967
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Tel: 6733 4794
FB / IG Reservations: @IPPIN Cafe Bar
Enjoy Nett Price Menu and Free WiFi.


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