Wednesday, 24 June 2015

[Media Invite] OMY X Panasonic Singapore Cooking Session

In line with the Singapore Blog Awards 2015's fringe activity, OMY and Panasonic Singapore worked together to arrange a cooking demo and invited all of us. =))

It is always very enjoyable to attend Mdm Wong's cooking demonstration thanks to her many years of experience in cooking and working under Panasonic Singapore.. Like many other previous classes, she shared a lot of tips and economic-friendly options on ingredients and cooking methods!

Today's session was held in a spacious convention room, with live streaming shown on screen in all four corners, all prepped up nicely for the cooking demo!

Introducing Panasonic Bread Maker (SD-P104) that works wonder - automatically mixes, kneads, rises and bakes! Retailing at S$329 (includes a guide book with recipes!). Highly recommended to people who love cooking, especially baking!!! This product till date have also received many happy consumers! =)

The different segment of compartments that store yeast and additional ingredients separately is then automatically dispense, bringing much convenience and better bread texture..

There are up to 13 preset menus and user-friendly buttons, enabling consumers to easily create their own different kinds of Bread, Dough, as well as Desserts like Chocolates and Cakes.

Bread making, kneading in process..

The use of Hand-blender to create the final smooth texture..

Homemade Kaya has never been easier! It took a total of 1.5 hours, using mode no.12 for the whole process. In this cooking demo, we witnessed how simple it is to prepare local dishes from the comfort of our own kitchen!

The next half of the session, she made several food such as Herbal Emperor Chicken, Yam and Pumpkin Kueh, Tapioca Cake, and Dried Shrimp with Panasonic microwave oven (NNCS894), 32L, including 100% Pure Turbo Steam function for delicious and healthy food choices and is retailing at S$1499.

With this modern microwave oven, consumer can steam, grill, bake or just microwaving their food. It also help saves 10% or more energy and cooking time with their Econavi technology. A 45% more cooking space with their Flat & Wide innovative design compared to conventional turntable models!

Feeling fortunate we get to taste all the yummy food Mdm Wong prepared that day!

Thank you Mdm Wong for this hearty gift to bring home!!! =)

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