Friday, 12 June 2015

Triumph @ Orchard Gateway Celebrated its 1st Anniversary!

Dropped by Triumph Orchardgateway (#02-20) last Saturday (6th June 2015) as the store celebrates its One Year Anniversary with many great offers! Everything in store are so beautiful and we ladies shouldn't be shy to request the staff for a fitting because you really have to wear it to feel the difference! :)

Their Body Make-Up range now comes breathable cups for enhanced ventilation to suit women with sensitive skin or those looking to stay fresh longer, as well as the use of the World's finest cotton, Supima cotton for an incredible durability, softness and comfort!

Customer can also choose their Memory Cushion which is made with potented memory foams for utmost comfort and perfect fit!

Also, do check out their new Aqua summer collection with Aqua Deep V and their new Aqua Lite with lighter aqua paddings while their Aqua Enhancer provide extreme push-up to one's bust size by up to 2 cups for an over-the-top boost and natural feel!

Above all, my favourite is still their biggest innovation cup design, Triumph's Magic Wire bra with built-in soft flexible support which provides perfect comfort, lift and fit without the use of wires that dig-in! Super happy when i got my first Magic Wire bra (in pastel yellow) weeks ago!

Sexy bottoms for you too?!

Neatly displayed refreshments, yums!

These bright coloured bottles are cold pressed juices from The Mission Juice. Apart from these 4 different juices, they have a lot more in store, so do check out their website for more information. They mentioned that the Mean Green + and Super Citrus are the top seller among all!

Thank you Triumph for having us in this happy occasion!! 
Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

Shop now to enjoy exclusive promotions in store! =)


BUY 5 GET 2 FREE* + $50 Vouchers** + Free Towel Cake

BUY 6 GET 3 FREE* + $60 Vouchers** + Free Towel Cake

*Free item(s) to be of lower or equivalent value. Regular-priced items only.
**Vouchers comes in $10 denomination, redeemable on regular-priced items excluding accessories.
Vouchers can be accumulated to 10 pieces for Shapwear only, except for shaping bras. Conditions may apply.

We then walked over to Taka to settle our lunch. The crowd at Taka were crazy.. because of Gundam's displays, sales, and promotions (5 - 28 Jun 2015). I too took pictures of these two iconic 6m tall statues (Gundam and Zaku).

Had Tampopo Ramen for lunch that afternoon. I had their Tampopo BP Tonkatsu Ramen, yums! They are also having promotions (20 May - 21 Jun) and senior citizens aged above 50 can even get 50% off the original price! - Check their store for more details ya!

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