Monday, 19 October 2015

My First Amazing Race + Escape Room!

In conjunction with Queenstown Youth Executive Committee 21st Biennial General Meeting, Queenstown Youth Club organised a fun Amazing Race + Escape Room (Unravel) game. Overall activity was tiring though.. Too much of walking to and fro.

I still remember how much i had to walk for me to reach MDIS building where the meeting was held at because i stupidly alighted at the wrong station.. Should be Commonwealth station instead.

It was my first time attending such meeting and I wasn't expecting anything since my intention was to be there to support my friend, Jasmine.. but it turns out to be a wonderful day overall. The people in the committee are nice too!

Had light refreshments before the session starts, then followed by lunch break and team game (On Singapore's Heritage)! Our team was appointed to 'The Haunting'; the room we last wished for. Lol!

Given tools for the Escape Room game play.

Took cab over to our first station of the Amazing Race..

Arrived at the oldest mosque in Singapore, Masjid Sultan..

Jo is the first to solve the riddle!.. Great Job Jo! This brings us to National Library..

Station 2 required us to complete two games of Charades. Irene did well here!

Then, we moved on to answering quizes and identifying iconic places in Singapore.

Reached Unravel Escape Room after completing our third station! Finally indoor and air-conditioned but the chill came to us too soon!~ ESCAPE ROOM IS FUN!! Partly due to time constraint (from an hour reduced to 40mins).. we didn't make it through.

This Old School fishing game really test our patient!!

Wefies while waiting for Ryden to fish finish. HAHAHA!

But we completed three rounds anyway. =)

Next, we were asked to find this War Memorial from a jigsaw puzzle.

Last mission was food tasting. Jasmine did well here! =)

Finally arrived at the finishing point... Tired max.. and even though we didn't make it to the top 3, i am glad we endured and completed everything from the first to the last.. None of us actually say give up, thumbs-up for our wonderful spirit! =)

Ending today's post with a question for you here.. Do you remember Captain Green?!!

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