Saturday, 10 October 2015

Lady Jo's Adv Birthday Celebration at Supply & Demand!

Met up with the ladies a few days ago to celebrate Jo's advanced birthday at Supply & Demand, Esplanade Mall Singapore. They have reallyX2 nice ambience! :)

They have two storeys, ground level for diners and a rooftop bar above it! Here, customers can enjoy food and drinks with a view of our beautiful Singapore's landscape!

Jo and Jas both ordered their recommended drinks, Longan Fizz drink. Jessie had her Ginger Ale and I had sweet Ice Peach Tea.

Jas ordered Roasted Chicken (Carte Blanche) at S$19 while the rest of us had Pastas in tasting portions at S$14-S$15.

We also ordered a pizza for sharing! 'The Morning After' at S$20 with Tomato sauce is good to have!!

Garlic Truffle Fries comes in a really generous portion! I enjoy dipping these chunky cut fries into the TarTar sauce. Yums!!

For the birthday girl, we ordered a blueberry cake (Chef's choice)! Sang birthday song, followed by photos!! Had an enjoyable night together over chats and jokes. Hope the birthday girl likes the mini celebration we did together!! =)

Glad to have them in my life! More photos before heading home.. Till the next meet-up!! =)