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[Media Invite] MU's Age-Reversal secrets, "50s is the new 30s!"

MU skincare is a revolutionary product line exclusively developed by Mary Chia Group. It aims to combat ageing and reverse its effects with comprehensive range comprises nutritional dietary supplements as well as skincare and body care products.

In 2011, MU made it to the Guinness World Record with the largest number of people applying facial mask at the same time by the same company, achieving a world record honour! This year on the 29th Aug 2015, MU did it again by setting a Ground-Breaking Record in the Singapore Book of Records with MU signature product for the Largest Face Lifting Challenge!! There were as many as 128 participants in the 'Most Number Of People Applying Face Lifting Sprays Together' record, along with MU's celebrity ambassadors Li Nan Xing and Constance Song!

On this significant day, i am grateful to have witnessed and participated in the Face Lifting Challenge, as well as being part of the whole ground-breaking moment! At the start of the event, MU's management provided all of its participants, each with their customised tee. =)

Attended the fun event with my usual girlfriends who have been really nice and supportive throughout! =)

We were introduced to two of MU's wonderful products that day; MU V.TIVATE and MU MIEUX Collagen! I super love the taste of the collagen drink!

MU MIEUX Collagen is a new, revolutionary line of nutritional dietary supplement by Mary Chia Group. Easily have your immunity system boost and get beautiful skin by drinking up!

This collagen beauty drink is a formulation of the following ingredients:
- BHN (Marine) low molecular Peptide Collagen: Laboratory-tested, this peptide collagen is better at absorption than high-molecular ones and any micronised collagen in the market. The collagen nourishes the fibroblast cellular tissues and helps you maintain a healthy skin hydration level.
- Ceramide: Ceramide molecules keep the skin healthy and young-looking. They protect against moisture loss as well as support the skin matrix and keeping it firm.
- Apple Extract: Apple Polyphenol helps to nourish skin from within and combat photo-ageing by retaining moisture, preventing DNA damage and the deepening of wrinkles.
- Co-Q10: This is a powerful antioxidant which helps to fight against free radicals in the body, with vitamins C and E to bring about enhanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

On the other hand, the revolutionary MU V.TIVATE is the first-ever mist spray that lifts and hydrates skin within 10 minutes. The mist spray does four key functions: Lift; Hydrate; Regeneration and UV Defense.  The spray is made with a secret formulation using ingredients from France, which boosts its anti-ageing properties. According to a recent survey, participants who used MU V.TIVATE experience instant lifting and increased hydration level of up to 30% within minutes.

LIFTING: Prevents sagging and reinforces the skin's architecture to achieve a firmer appearance
HYDRATING: Optimises hydration and provides long-lasting protection from moisture loss
REGENERATION: Restores volume and recaptures a more youthful contour and sculpted look
UV DEFENSE: Provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause premature ageing

MU V.TIVATE's key ingredients are all derived from plants’ stem cells, which boost the mist spray’s anti-ageing properties:
- Hydrolysed Adansonia Digitata Extract: This extract from the African Baobab tree leaves a protective film that improves the skin’s suppleness, softness and lustre.  The African Baobab tree can live for 5,000 to 6,000 years, thus earning the moniker “Tree of Life”. Its adeptness at water conservation allows it to survive harsh and dry conditions. As such, it has great hydrating and moisturising properties.
Porphyra Umbilicalis: This is an organism that lives in areas that are exposed to extreme UV radiation. Hence, it boasts nature’s most powerful UV-absorbing substances. This is a natural and safe-UV screening compound that protects the skin from photo-ageing.
- Apium Graveolen: It is rich in vitamins A, C and E, which act as potent antioxidants by reversing and protecting against free radical damage. It is also a source of skin-friendly minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and potassium. The omega-6 fatty acids also maintain the elasticity and luminosity of skin.
- Eryngium Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate: Its stem cells are an abundant source of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. Hence, it is excellent for stimulating the regeneration of face skin  as well as preventing wrinkles from developing.

Simon, a beauty expert, guided us on how to use MU's revolutionary face mist-spray before we went on to do the Singapore's Largest Face Lifting Challenge together!

MU is proud to have both veteran celebrities Li Nan Xing and Constance Song as the new ambassadors of the MU V.TIVATE and MU MIEUX Collagen products. Thanks to these two beauty solutions, these veteran celebrities have defied the passage of time and continue to look like a million bucks and be camera ready - anytime, anyday.

50s is the new 30s! Age-Reversal secrets shared by celebrities;

"I am constantly juggling between filming and managing my restaurant. It has left me no time for facials. MU V.TIVATE is an instant beauty booster that can instantly lift and hydrate, anytime, anywhere. I love how MU V.TIVATE allows me to look my absolute best for any occassion in a heartbeat." - Constance Song, LNX Global Artiste.

"As an actor, I spend much of my time filming and working on overseas productions. The jet setting, irregular sleeping hours and weather changes took a toll on my body, resulting in me having dull and tired skin. Ever since I started drinking MU MIEUX Collagen regularly, I felt energised and revitalised. This special formulation helps prevents aging, and has also nourished my skin on top of its immune boosting effects. A bottle a day keeps the age at bay!" - Li Nan Xing, International MediaCorp Artiste, Managed by LNX Global.

Later, our adorable friend, Jia Hui came too! =)

Everyone had their bottle of MU V.TIVATE mist-spray ready and the countdown begins shortly after. As always, celebrity Quan Yi Fong was a great host! I could really feel the instant tightening effect of this incredible mist-spray within a few minutes after using it!

They then distribute to us all a bottle of MU MIEUX Collagen!! =)

Their beauty drink is by far the nicest i have ever tasted!! Sweet berry collagen booster! Love it!! =)

A big CONGRATS to MU for the successful event held at at Jurong Point! A great achievement unlocked!!

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